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Our selection
For sale 3 bedrooms apartment with terrace in Tangier city center.
Prix : 1 980 000 Dhs Tanger Quartier administratif Réf : VA277
3-Vente-Appartement-Tanger-Centre ville-Salon-VA555-Villart Immo
Apartment for sale in Tangier, next to Berchet school
Prix : 1 600 000 Dhs Tanger Centre ville Réf : VA555
2-Vente-Appartement-Tanger-Salon2-VA573-Villart Immo
For sale furnished apartment with great sea view in Tangier city centre
Prix : 1 900 000 Dhs Tanger Centre ville Réf : VA573
Latest properties
Beautiful F3 apartment for sale with Terrace in Tangier
Prix : 1 200 000 Dhs Tanger Branes Réf : VA637
For sale beautiful villa in Tangier, Achakar area
Prix : 2 500 000 Dhs Achakar Réf : VV636
2 bedroom apartment for sale in Tangier
Prix : 360 000 Dhs Réf : VA635
For sale a beautiful villa in Tangier, Val Fleuri
Prix : 3 500 000 Dhs Tanger Val fleuri Réf : VV634
For sale in Tangier, superb apartment in Tangier Lbalia
Prix : 1 350 000 Dhs Tanja Balia Réf : VA633
Long term rental
To let in Tangier, unfurnished 3 bedrooms apartment in California area
Tanger Californie Réf : L1181
Long term rental
To let very nice furnished apartment in Malabata of Tangier
Prix : 7 500 Dhs / Months Tanger Malabata Réf : L1177
Long term rental
To let in Tangier superb apartment type F3 furnished in the city center
Tanger Centre ville Réf : L462
Long term rental
Superb F3 apartment for rent well furnished and equipped in boubana Tangier
Prix : 12 000 Dhs / Months Tanger Boubana Réf : L1173
Long term rental
Rent a beautiful furnished villa in Tangier, Route de Achakar
Prix : 17 000 Dhs / Months Tanger Achakar Réf : LV1172
Short term rental
For rent in Tangier, magnificent luxury architect-furnished villa with swimming pool.
Prix : 18 000 Dhs / Day Tanger Jbel kbir Réf : LV1174
Short term rental
Rent furnished apartment in the city center of Tangier
Prix : 1 200 Dhs / Day Tanger Centre ville Réf : LSAT233
Short term rental
To let furnished apartment with sea view in a residence in Tangier
Prix : 1 200 Dhs / Day Tanger Centre ville Réf : LSAT250
Short term rental
To let 2 bedroom apartment with a beautiful terrace for sale in Tangier.
Prix : 800 Dhs / Day Tanger Centre ville Réf : LSAT1083
Short term rental
Superb apartment for rent in Tangier
Prix : 1 300 Dhs / Day Tanger Centre ville Réf : LSAT951
Short term rental
Rent furnished 2 bedroom apartments in Tangier
Prix : 1 000 Dhs / Day Tanger Nejma Réf : LSAT1023
Real estate news
15 December 2018 Happy New Year 2019 !

Taking the opportunity of the New Year, the real estate agency Villart Immo launches its new website, where to find all its advertisements of rental, sale and holiday letting in Tangier. Available in three languages, the site offers a smooth navigation with a multi-criteria search engine, access to properties via headings or via Google Map. […]